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24 August 2011

Cutesweetalker...where are you???

A good friend of mine reminded me of a screen name I used to use waaaaayyy back in my high school years. A name that I utilized for a while to really sum up what I was at that time. That name was cutesweetalker (cutesweettalker) just wow. The one thing I hate to admit is I've been roaming on social sites for at least a good 10+ years. Blackplanet, migente, myspace, onlinebootycall, yahoo personals, and now facebook, twitter, linked in, tumblr and my blog here. Shit, you'd think I'd have more "internet friends" then what I have now. Regardless, cutesweetalker stuck because of the obvious reasons. I'm cute, and my specialty was sweet talking women to gain their interest. It wasn't "game" was the truth expressed in creative ways.

I bring this up now because I'm lost on the whereabouts of that individual. I've gotten away from the kind of person I used to be but not completely. I tend to assist anyone that I care about, but I don't demonstrate my romantic side as much as I use to. If there's one thing I know, cutesweetalker was as romantic as they come....big ol teddy bear.

So this is a shout out to cutesweetalker...I'mma need you to turn your latitude on, pimpin. I kinda need ya!


Few know about my passion for writing and lately it's been sealed away in a box in the pits of unmotivated non-inspiration. My time has been divided between work, family, and mind relaxation, a time consumption percentage breakdown of about 80%, 15%, and 5%, respectively. LOL, I've always wanted to use "respectively" in actual application. NICE!!!
Anyway, a while ago, i posted a video on Facebook that showed my rapping skills...or lack thereof lol. Either way, I'm giving up the desire to actually make it in the rap game. I mean, when you look at the big picture, so many skilled rappers don't even make it....the success rate is worse then the probability of hitting the lottery.
That doesn't mean I'm completely giving it up, cuz I'm one 4 loko night away from dropping a few verses. What it does mean is I'm not spending as much time on it as I normally was. My time will be devoted to my books and poems.

My Current Project list:

The Owner of my Soul IV - 126 pages written, about 38% complete.
Untitled Story - 76 pages written, about 26% complete.
Short story/Poem compilation - Recycling old poems, writing new ones, 10% complete.
3rd Book - Brainstorming stage, 0% complete

As you can see, I've gotten nowhere in the past year. I was hoping I'd at least be done with something by now. Instability can do that to you. No matter. Tomorrow I'll get a bottle of crown royal and this weekend I'll try to complete something....well, not complete, but show progress.

Women....y'all are something else!

I almost have no choice but to dive into this topic because it's been eating at me for a while. I've been avoiding talking about it because it was a debate I didn't want to have, but after the stream of man-hating statuses and articles I've seen lately, I have to speak on it.

Men get a bad rep for a lot of things....well, I guess that's not completely true. We're assholes, play games, unfaithful, and just flat out refuse to evolve. That's a fact that everyone knows. Here's my issue....women want a man that isn't about games, yet fall for a man's game more often then not. There's a reason it's called GAME and is the ultimate measuring stick among men. Men look to fuck as many women as they can, especially 7s and up on that 1-10 scale. The exceptions to this is when a man finds wifey. True, he may cheat on you before realizing you're wifey, but you should damn near expect that. Obviously this doesn't apply to all men...just those thug types that women crave so much and then want to act all surprised when he does something that everyone told you he was going to do.

But this isn't about men and their imperfections. This is about women's imperfections that show y'all can be just as evil and, in most cases, more. That's pertaining to the gold diggers, sugar babies, and trifling ass females that have no problem taking a man's money while fuckin around wit another dude. Or the wives of soldiers that start wildin out when their man is deployed to combat zones. Y'all are the worse, by the way. In second place is the kind of woman that plays wit your emotions to get what she wants, feeding you sob stories yet really has no interest in you at all. Out of all these things, y'all have the nerve to say men ain't shit and wanting to just fuck wit other women....yea ok. Stop and think about the possibility that maybe it's you. Maybe you're the problem. Maybe you need to reconsider the type of man you should be dating...either that or deal with the fact that the type of man you're attracted to, tends to be the type that will do you wrong.

Face it, we all have our flaws, but love is flawless. Instead of thinking you're in love with the wrong man/woman, try to figure out what it is about that person that has you in love. There's a thin line between love and lust. Lust is usually always is soul deep. If you tell someone you love them, yet can cut them out of your life at the drop of a hat, well, that's not love at all. Love is hard to let go....lust is like having a short attention lose interest once that person is no longer interesting, or something more interesting comes along. Let's stop the shit talk about genders in general and keep it aimed at the one you're wit.



Yea, I've titled this MIA - Missing In Action, due to the fact that I've all but abandoned this blog. I've been silent for almost 7 months not because of a lack of shit to say, but merely for a lack of a desire to say it. Today, as I'm wrapped with a blanket, fighting a cold and listening to the Re-Up, I felt the need to just re-acquaint myself with my forgotten blog. 2011 is flying by and so are my 20s in general. My body is feeling older each day as my back and left knee continue to give me problems. My motivation for much of anything has been MIA all on it's own. Maybe it's the situation I'm in that is having me in a rut. Either way, I'm here...alive and well. It's not to gain an internet social life since I work too much for a real one. What does that mean? I'm not sure yet. I just hope I gain more followers as time passes. So tonight, I shall post several....posts... to almost play catch up. So, here I go....

DISCLAIMER: I'm taking the gloves off and speaking my mind like never before because I no longer care if I piss people off. In fact, I think I want to piss people off. Let the debates begin.