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03 January 2013

The Love of a Woman

1/3/13 - Good Day!

After my last "depressing" post, I didn't want to completely start the new year in that manner. No, I want to talk about something that I've been thinking about for about as long as I was thinking about the last post....that would be WOMEN!!! Now before I start, I'm going to say that I will keep this as positive as possible.

I am not afraid to admit that women are more superior than men when it comes to overall life. Throughout history, men were the workers while women were the home stayers. That's not something that can be taken lightly, especially if children were involved. Women would take care of the household and then expect to cater to their man when he got home. That means a woman's day if easily 16 hours long, most of it spent on her feet and that's under the assumption she sleeps for 8 hours. Add children into the mix and it's quite the day. Over time, women started to work as well as taking care of the home. There's a reason you don't hear a lot of stories of single fathers accomplishing what women are doing... Don't get me wrong, there are a lot of stories, hell, I know a few of them. Yet it's slowly being discovered how irreplaceable a woman is.

Sure, women have been degraded for a long time and it's still going on today. Yet no man can contest the value of the right woman. Personally, a woman capable of capturing a man's heart starts with the mind, not the eyes. You can look as good as you want, but being able to stimulate a man's mind is the first goal. I always feel that the heart has a more direct line to the mind rather than the eyes. The old saying that "true beauty is on the inside" or "it's what's on the inside that matters" is absolutely true! You can be the sexiest woman alive, but if you act like a bitch, you're not going to find that man that you want. Each man has their own personal taste, but what never changes is the necessity that a woman's love has.

For a man, the love of the mother was way more important than the love of the father because that's what mattered. Don't get me wrong, men want their father's love and approval or acceptance, but the love of the mother is what carries us to manhood. It's the foundation to how we see women in our future. The woman that we end up with more times than not share an extreme amount of similarities to our mother. A woman's love can give a man the courage, determination, motivation....anything that will help him succeed. Look at our US President, Mr. Barack Obama... I honestly believe he wouldn't be where he is today without the love and support of Michelle Obama, a strong, woman. Even for myself, I am a much better person when I have the love of a good woman. I admit to the fact that it tends to be a priority for me. That's alright though, I'm an affectionate, emotional man that excels with the backing of a strong woman.

Perfection doesn't exist, so no man is looking for the perfect woman... just the woman that's perfect for him...

Human Nature

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2013... To all that believed the world was going to end on 12/21/12, I think you suffered enough so I'm not going to say anything about you. For future reference though, try to avoid being so gullible and having such a negative outlook on life.

However, the world has become quite an ugly place. Humanity has become taken an ugly form but that's only from what is being highlighted. VA Tech, Sandy Hook, Colorado, Austin.... The list can go on from one tragedy to another. Whether there's strict gun control or not, tragedy is unavoidable because the human element is always involved. You don't have to be the smartest person in the world and know every single detail about history to realize that there are just bad people in the world. Excuses are unnecessary, it's just a fact that can't be apologized for. Guns haven't always existed. Since the beginning of mankind, we found ways to kill things. The original intent may have always been for food, but now it's for many reasons. If guns didn't exist, we'd stab each other with swords. If swords didn't exist, we'd beat each other to death with any blunt object we could find. Gun control isn't the answer. The root of the problem is always the human factor.

Humans are a unique species on this planet. We're emotional creatures, more so than probably any other living organism on Earth. In the real world, especially in the animal world, it has always been survival of the fittest. Animals look out for themselves and their offspring, for the most part. Humans aren't like that except when backed into a corner. Naturally, we care about our fellow man and we would be willing to help our fellow man. Instinctively, if it came down to you or that person, more times than not you will choose yourself unless it was a loved one. That's human nature and it's ok. It has nothing to do with how close to God you are or how much the "Devil" is in your ear... Humans are a certain way and it comes with the territory of being such an advanced, evolved life form.

Like I said, humans are emotional. I was having a conversation with a great friend of mine this morning and it had me thinking. Genetics, family upbringing, environment, and individual will all contribute to how a person is. Everyone is born with traits passed down from their parents that's not just limited to physical appearance. The personality itself is also derived from the parents but is so immature and incomplete that it has the ability to be changed early on. How that child is brought up will determine the kind of path s/he is more likely to follow. The love of both parents and parental figures goes further than anything else. Even one parent's love can work wonders on how that child goes through life. The environment that the child is raised in plays as significant of a role as the parents. If a child is bullied day in and day out with no help ever coming, you have a problem developing. If a child grows up in an environment surrounded by violence and cruelty, you have a problem developing. Understandably, the environment isn't always something that can be changed but that's why the parents are so important in guiding a child through it all. The will of the child to do right and to make his or her parents proud is going to be the result of everything else.

Emotions are powerful. With the way everything is swelling up in a person, those emotions can become unstable and cause harm or can be a guide. Emotions are centered on the heart and emitted throughout the body. In my opinion, love, fear, anger and sadness are the most powerful emotions that can cause the most damage. I don't need to explain each one individually, but think about how each one has been used in multiple tragedies across the world and throughout history. You can try your hardest to figure out motives but unless the person comes out and tells you, you will never know. If you really want to be absolutely safe, there are many measures that can be taken, but your own privacy would be invaded. To make the country safe, most forms of communication are monitored. From phone calls to internet usage, all measures are being taken to avoid another 9/11 or any terrorist attack. Fear is the driving force behind that.

The only way to ensure tragedies like the ones we've all heard about is to live in an Utopia. People always say that nothing is impossible, but THAT is impossible. Someone will always judge someone else for not being like them. Racism will always exist, prejudice will always exist, the fight between religions, looking down on those you feel is beneath you...the superiority complex... All of these are contributing factors to why humanity will never have peace. There will always be a war. There will be violence every day over meaningless things or human rights. At the end of the day, it would take every one to do their part by looking out for their fellow man, lending a helping hand, not wanting to do harm... Qualities that more than 95% of mankind possess, yet that 5% is the problem. Gangs, mobs, terrorists, dictators, serial killers, thieves....the list goes on.. As a species, this is our nature. Looking out for ourselves more times than not.

Every individual needs to look at themselves and see how they can contribute to the world and stop the nonsense. That's the only way a human utopia can ever be... Don't hold your breath though...