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Owner of My Soul Part IV Teaser

If you don't kno yet, I'm writing a series based on a character created back in my childhood. With this character, I've narrated several stories that were combined for a series. Since that series has been published, I'm now beginning to finish my next section in my story. What goes on in that is obviously a direct correlation to the ending of the 3rd part. So, here it is:

My cell phone started beeping, alerting me of a text message. I grabbed my phone, still a little delirious and vision a little distorted. I tried deciphering what was being said to me. I sat up to look for Sydney. A few seconds later, she walked through the door with breakfast.
“Good morning, baby.” She said with a big smile.
“Good morning, love.” I said back. “I got a text saying the kids were coming back from camp Friday.”
“Yes they are.”
“What camp are they at?”
“SJ Computers for Advanced Youths.”
“Nice. When will the twins be back?”
“My mother will be bringing them tomorrow.”
“Wait…..your mother?”…