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Feel Me (Poem)

Moment of peace… Nothing but silence as the body and soul attempts to sleep.
Mind racing with thoughts but dreams of many things has me feelin so lost.
I want it… I don’t…I want it… I don’t…Fuck, it’s too late, I think my mind is broke
Say what you want about the quickness I fell but there’s nothing fake about this stroke….
Or is this a heart attack, shit, I no longer know… I just hate the way it feels; Like my heart is sitting in my throat
Numb to the cause? More like paralyzed to the effect…My body goes limp, I have nothing left.
My goals are set, there’s nothing left but to put my mind to purpose and discover how much my worth is.
Cutting the excrements created by the bull comes about the chance; the opportunity to reverse my once infinite sorrow
She keeps my mind running to the point I can’t catch it without twisting and turning, leaving me in the precarious position to follow.
Gone was yesterday, where I once played but the work in the present sets me straight for the consistent brightness of a better tomorrow
Is it hypothetical pain I gain from the one track mind and swivel-less head swing so your knowledge remains something I have to borrow..
Bring me the wisdom, the endless whispers of karma and charisma that you enlighten me with such ferocity.
Let me believe that a kiss from thee would encourage my knee to kiss the concrete.. Even if I deny anything having that ability…
For the heart attack I feel lodged in my throat is my own pride preventing me from vocalizing that I submit
My submission isn’t weakness, just my admission that I give in to your distinction of being exactly what I am missin…. 

Can I do it? Can I be the one that carries you through it with the strength of an Army to handle anything you throw cuz, to me, there’s nothing to it…
Can I ease the pain? Can I be your poncho in the rain, there to keep you dry after all the tears that you shed way before I even came…
Can I make it stay? Can I erase the anger that you show to be replaced by the smile that your face desperately wishes would stay….
So much love in that soul, buried by the pain in the heart and depression in the eyes...
Is it truly unobtainable? I wasn’t around to see it before but this I can assure, my skills aren’t lacking in the abilities of making you happy….
Can I make you believe? When I close my eyes, you’re all I can see as a future with you tends to invade every single one of my dreams…
So can I make you believe that a life with me is the greatest thing you could obtain?
Can I make you believe that I could make happiness a guarantee?
That last one would be new for me but is something I think that you could also guarantee…
Insecurities arise, something I can’t get under control…
My love for you continues to rise, even if the vibe continues to get cold…
I’m right where you want me, now I wait for you to show…
I refuse to be impatient, so daily I’ll continue to let you know…
Know what, you’ll probably ask, but I’ll refuse to tell…

For if you listen to your heart, you’ll know very well..


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