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29 October 2009


Love is simply tantalizing. I feel it manifesting in me like an alien ready to burst out my chest. I can hear're so far from me. I can see're so sexy. I can feel're so soft, baby. I can taste you taste so sweet. This love is so tantalizing. Juicy. Rich. This forbidden fruit has me engulfed in its organic orgasm spinning down through my blood vessels. Just a bite. Just a taste. Just a way for me to embrace the foundation of the lust I have for you and transform it into a love so rewarding. Appreciation. Satisfaction. Damn I'm loving your reaction. No action can compare to the miles of land and air separating our natural attraction. It's not fair. It's not fair. Distance may separate but nothing can keep me from you. We've come a long way. Let me rub your feet. So tired from the journey. I'm here now. You and me. Together at last. Perfection has caught up with our wandering. Our hearts are together at last. They beat simultaneously. With each kiss, each breath, each touch, each caress......I know you feel just like me. This love is simply tantalizing.

28 October 2009

Tomorrow's Darkness

Tomorrow brings uncertainty. Today passes with clarity attached like a document to an email. Tomorrow brings hope. Today brought closure on another day in your life that is getting more complete. Tomorrow will soon be today, today will be yesterday and yesterday would be forgotten. They say to always live your life like today would be your last but you and I both know the way you go about your day will plague you with regrets if your time came. I like to live like there's always a tomorrow. Tomorrow gets me closer to you. Tomorrow gets me closer to fulfillment. To make plans in another month is expecting to be able to fulfill those plans at that time. If I didn't expect that, I'd make them today. I wouldn't work. I wouldn't sleep. I wouldn't continue to be a law abiding citizen. Self gratification is the key to happiness when tomorrow brings more darkness. The world can end at any moment. It won't be by God's hand as you may think but by the hands of men that don't care about human life or human happiness. The very freewill that makes us unique will be our downfall. So I cuddle with you at night in anticipation of opening my eyes to see your face. For tomorrow's darkness is just a bad weather day.

Full of Randomness

I've been here in New Mexico for two days now. Don't really know what to make of this state. Lot of mountains and emptiness. I can see the military basically owns most of the square footage down here for missile tests and whatnot. The mountains make me think of The Hill Have Eyes. Eerie shit. So what am I doing in New Mexico you ask? Well my job. What do I do? Pfft...please. But if you must know, I do my part to contribute to our efforts overseas. I haven't been blogging long enough to really make any grand leaps or bounds about my desires or to really immerse myself in full comfortability to a public that I don't know about.

On this day, I have 2 followers which will grow as time passes and the masses learn about this fella behind a laptop (which is a netbook at this current moment). The more I write, the more I feel like Hank Moody of Californication played by David Duchovny in which he massively expressed his disdain for bloggers yet utilized it to really get his thoughts out about things like female pubic hair. I mention that cuz the suggestion was made to me to blog about female pubic hair and I must say I somewhat share his feelings. Now the person that suggested it to me may have been joking, but I could and would talk about it if I wasn't so concerned about my image to people that may actually know me. I think about it now, and that' s hardly the case. I just don't want to sound scary similar to Hank Moody in the form of describing what's a good quantity of female pubic hair.

It's one of the strange things that happens throughout your life. People watch you grow up and soon you're doing adult things and those people that's been watching you are just blown away by the way you talk and act. Then you go through the same exact thing. While you're doing these things you realize that there's no wrong in it, but then you get feedback about it and how it's just so unexpected. You don't know if you should feel slightly embarrassed or slightly flattered. Of course, it all comes down to circumstance. I remember when I lost my virginity and told my mom. Later on I find out my dad still thought I was a virgin at the age of 17 or whatever. Innocence. Yea, to be married and have kids is very much innocent. But to have side projects......not so much. Makes you a bad boy.....or a better asshole.

But see as Americans, we can't just worry about our own affairs. It doesn't matter how out of whack your household is. You tend to be more into other people's lives. Gay marriage, abortion....tell me how anything of substance like that should concern you? Marriage stopped being such a big thing since the mid 60s. The values in it are lost or just not as meaningful. Divorce rates are so high, further proving that fact. Why should you care if gays get married? Will that mean you can't get married? Does that devalue your marriage? Is it physically causing you pain to see a gay couple tie the knot? In the same sense, why should you care if a woman gets an abortion? Let's be clear, a fetus is nothing more then a parasite. A woman's body is the host. A parasite lives off the host: breathes, feeds, grows....everything is driven by the host. So technically, a fetus is a parasite until it's born. So if you can't get rid of a parasite, does that mean you're gonna give tapeworms the same right? Here's a better idea, instead of the mother paying for a procedure that costs less then a grand, how about she has the baby, gets on welfare and let everyone pay for her and the baby for the next 18+ years. "Octomom" would fall into that category. When you see people like that feeding off the government that we all pitch in to pay for cuz we all (should) pay can you be so against abortion?

But you know what, I didn't come here to bitch about two of my sore subjects. I just hate when people get balls deep in shit that doesn't concern them. What you do in your household is your own business. Stay the fuck outta mine unless you're invited.

Yea Buddy!

23 October 2009

The Fatigued Mother

A lot can be said about single mothers. Some of those things said about them can also be said about attached mothers. Either way, they all have several things in common when it comes to private time. A friend of mine that became a mother for the second time kinda re-opened my eyes on the lack of "her time". Another friend of mine brought to light the many issues she faces as a single mother. Then there's my own wife that I see on a daily basis (when I'm in town) go through her days like she's a single mother. It's something I fail to understand...why don't we, being the male species, really try to be more caring about a woman's needs to get away from the stress or recharge their batteries after hours and hours of nurturing? What makes it so hard for us to get out of the selfish stage and be a father, grandfather, brother, or whatever you are to the little tyke?

Every mother I know that is going through the early childhood years are more stressed then anything. The fact they have to do it alone is even more stressful. Hell, my wife is basically doing things alone since I deploy on a yearly basis and work like my life depends on it....which only our lifestyle does. It breaks my heart sometimes but I swear she has it down to a science. On the other hand, there are those that can't even get a moment to get centered or constantly being told how to raise their child. Why aren't there more programs for these women that needs assistance but don't want to pay the price of enriched uranium just to do it? Why does monthly child care cost more then apartments? It's like when you go and get your car fixed....the labor ends up costing more then the parts. For these fatigued mothers, child birth was way less painful then the BS they deal wit on a daily basis.

But B, isn't this a lil hypocritical of you...aren't you one of those very individuals that don't look out for the mother of your own damn kids?

Of course not. I recognize my own flaws. I'm still trying to figure it out. It really makes no sense. Then again, my wife doesn't ask for her time....she asks for other things. So technically, I'm not in the wrong. She hands me Tristan.....I take him and don't give him back til he's hungry or I think he's hungry. Who knows what she does in that time.....I don't care. I do my part. What about the rest of you? Can you say the same thing?

I do what I can for the people I can reach out to. I always tend to assist the single mother more then anything because it's hard. You get no time to yourself unless the baby (or kids) are sleep and by then you wanna sleep yourself. It's ridiculous and sad. The fairer sex needs a lil more fairness in a very unfair world. I'm sure there's plenty of real men out there that has no problem providing the fair my opinion I'm one of them.

With that said, don't do anything I wouldn't do unless you can do it better.

The First

So after months of having this thing, I'm finally putting the effort to make at least one post. I've bounced ideas back and forth with no real idea of what to put here. As a writer, I tend to brainstorm more then write. I guess that's why it takes me so long to really finish something. Where do my real talents lie? Is it expressing myself through distant and private avenues? Do I enjoy being behind the shadows more then bumping shoulders with anyone related to "attention"? I guess I should at least start with introductions. I am Brent Campbell. If you're here, you must know me or be bored. I live a very consistent life. It's consistently boring. As goofy and silly as I am, I don't show it nearly enough to garnish anything close to a real life. Shit happens B. I spend most of my days at work anyway. Gotta kill dem terrorists so my kids and your kids can be safe. Rather you believe the whole war on terror is irrelevant at this current juncture. Don't get it twisted. I do what I do for patriotism and a fat paycheck. Prolly the paycheck more. Be as it may, I think putting my thoughts down in a method more suitable for my personality should have been done months ago when I first created this blog. Don't worry. I'm here and will be posting often. often as I have internet. So with that said, I hope you stay with me and enjoy my thoughts as we proceed to finish the year 2009 better then we started it. Until my next post.....don't do anything I wouldn't do unless you can do it better. Later.