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Untitled Preview #1

The following is a preview of a new story I've been working on. Maybe not much lately, but it's about a fifth written. I don't have a title for it yet, but hopefully one day I'll continue writing it.

After dinner, I, again, left the palace grounds to take a walk. Again, the group of kids were having a tournament. I watched in the shadows, not to be noticed. They seemed so free. I was envious of the freedom they had. I then felt a presence behind me and quickly turned around with my hand on my dagger, ready to unsheathe.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you.” Acena said. “I’m sure war has you paranoid.”
“Very.” I replied. I looked at her up and down and gazed into her eyes. “I never had a chance to apologize for lying about who I am.”
“I understand why you did.” She walked up to me and leaned against the haystack. “I knew you were familiar to me.” She swayed her hair behind her ear. “What’s it like being future king?”
“Well,” I began as I leaned against the haystack…

Two Headed Monster

I recognize it, yet I don’t react/I stay steady, unfazed by it all/Remaining on course, can’t be shaken/Focused; Fearless; Determined; Immersed
What remains is an unfaltering man/Close minded to criticism; open to objection/Seeking things that has no definitive answer
His journey never ends; even beyond death/Who is this man failing to hold true to the definition/Who is this man drilling into your love
Is he trustworthy? Is he loyal to the cause?/I can only imagine the thoughts in your mind/I can only anticipate what you may be feeling
Your fears are misplaced and misguided/For this is not a perfect man that you are viewing/For the personification of perfection is nothing but divergent thinking
In the excogitation of this man the truth will be evident

It's a two headed monster that has you so derranged/should I stay....Should I go/Is he real...Is he fake/Lord I don't know

It's a two headed monster that has you so entrapped/Is he lying....Is he honest/Is he faithful....Is h…



It feels like it’s just me
The movement, the feeling
Yet I can see you here with me
I can touch you and taste you
Every move comes an opposition
I move left, you move right
It’s like looking in the mirror
My lips extend as does yours
Each second that passes further confirms
I’m not touching myself
I’m not breathing in my own aroma
I’m not hearing myself speak
The way we move is so in sync
It feels like we are one
The way our bodies intertwine
There’s nothing that feels so invigorating
Nothing that makes me feel so alive
I live to please you, and you I
We meet each other in the middle
Doing things that can’t be compared
Exploring every inch of each other
Tasting every bit of one another
Every bit of pleasure solidifying
The extent of how much we intertwine
My arms extend with yours from up to out
My voice gives way with yours from every shout
Chest to chest, hand to hand, lips to lips
I feel your climax coming closer with each kiss
I can’t stop, you won’t allow it
You’re al…

Owner of My Soul Preview #1

I've been writing for over a decade now....I can proudly say that with nothin to really show for I have books published on, but it's not enough if no one knows about it. So why not do a lil marketing on my blogs.

Owner of My Soul is a story that was created based on characters that my brother and I created when we were kids. When I started writing, I decided to use those characters and turn it into a series. The very first book was written when I was really young and took several years to finish. In fact, I started my 2nd one before that one was finished....wait, I actually think I started the 3rd one as well before I finished the 1st one.... face it, I tend to have several ideas at once that don't fit in the timeline so before I forget it, I go wit it in a new story. Anyway, what I'm saying is I've gotten away from writing the past year but will start getting back into it. I want to get everyone's support. I'm not the most talented writer, but I …

Happy New Year

It's a new year and I must say this. My pledge to discontinue my Facebook usage when 2011 hits is still up and running, but I'm so drunk on Four Loko that I can't help but make FB statuses. Yes, I'm lit off Four Loko, the banned WA drink that I stumbled upon an hour before new years...It's amazing in it's own....BUT...that's not what this post is about. I'm taking the time to salute to 2010 by spreading my love to those that matter to me. Beside family, that I love without a shout of doubt, there are few individuals I'd like to shout out to going into the year 2011, my 25th New Year celebration!

My 1st shout out goes to Brittani Monee Ford. We been thru several ups and downs but no one matches me and my drunkitude like you. You are my best friend and I look forward to our future escapades. May they be as positive as our friendship. Much love baby girl!

My 2nd shout out goes to Brittney Szurek. Damn, I'm not even sure what to say to you. Vegas is…