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My Specialty

My Specialty I see her standing there, trying to decide if I'm worth the effort I'm standing here, trying to decide how to approach her Should I go through my resume in hopes that she'll hire me? Maybe talk to her friends, cuz I know they scoutin me... If I pass that test, I know she'll draft me.. So many thoughts, not much time Other guys are steppin up, yet I'm just standing by We lock eyes, my heart skips We both smile, I'm loving your lips What should I do to assure her interest in me? Maybe I'll tell her about my favorite activities... That's lame, more like why women are my specialty. It would be only natural that she questions me Yet I'm willing to show why she should invest in me My deep eyes and full lips would lock her in; My soft hands and enticing smile would generate that first kiss Let her feel safe with me, physically and emotionally She can be herself cuz her heart won't break with me She don't have to talk for me to hear he…