Stories and Poems

Lost (Poem)

Walking in the desert sands, surrounded by the swirling wind

Grasping my arms tightly with my hands, asking when this will all end

Nothing around but the shadow of a man, not broken but left with quite a bend

How did it become so difficult to stand? When did the disorientation begin?

As the wind begins to subside and the dust clears the skies, the sun comes clear again

The body continues to dry, the heat continued to rise and I feared touching my skin
I knew if I felt the heat, my mind would get weak, leaving me with a task I can’t complete
This journey wasn’t for fun and until this shit is done, I go on even at the cost of sleep
I’m lost somewhere out here, I know I’m somewhere near yet some asshole is blocking my ability to see
No amount of kicking and screaming can stop me from succeeding not while my disappearance is still a mystery
I checked the highs and lows, my peak may be a mountain and my depression the depth of an ocean but when I’m at a loss the oasis in the desert is my retreat


I want to speak my mind and heart. I turned 33 10-days ago and the only thing that I felt was emptiness. I've been struggling all my life on what I want to do in my life and the more I think about it, the more lost I become. Being alone in the southwest doesn't help things as I feel like I miss everything. Everything started so well on May 4th and then went to shit. I haven't been stressed like this in a long ass time and I truly felt myself breaking down. Every day I ask myself the same handful of questions, unable to get any answers. Combine that with how things are in the rest of the country, I've truly lost desire to remain in this world as a human being. No joke, I really have a hate for humans, it's weird. Obviously not all, but enough to make me detest this world. I'm not going to go through every single thing that is going on for anyone to really understand what I mean, but it's truly frustrating how the human nature can be. That aside, I'v…

The Owner of My Soul: Vol 4 - Preview

I watched the ambulance leave as the crime scene was being quarantined. I zoned out during the initial process of cops arriving, taking pictures and doing the whole “cop thing”. I didn’t really snap back until I saw EMTs placing Silk’s lifeless body in a body bag. Investigators and Detectives approached me, but I wasn’t in the mood to talk. Scratch that, it wasn’t that I wasn’t in the mood; I literally couldn’t formulate a proper sentence. I was in shock. They quickly realized that I was in no condition to answer questions, so they left me with contact info for me to utilize when I finally could speak. I finally managed to get into my car and leave her place. I didn’t know where I was going to go at first as I started driving. There was no way I could go home right now. I didn’t expect to feel so distraught; never realizing my own admiration for her. Why didn’t I realize it before? No sense in dwelling on it now. For now, I need to clear my head. Before I …