Lost (Poem)

Walking in the desert sands, surrounded by the swirling wind Grasping my arms tightly with my hands, asking when this will all end Nothing around but the shadow of a man, not broken but left with quite a bend How did it become so difficult to stand? When did the disorientation begin? As the wind begins to subside and the dust clears the skies, the sun comes clear again The body continues to dry, the heat continued to rise and I feared touching my skin I knew if I felt the heat, my mind would get weak, leaving me with a task I can’t complete This journey wasn’t for fun and until this shit is done, I go on even at the cost of sleep I’m lost somewhere out here, I know I’m somewhere near yet some asshole is blocking my ability to see No amount of kicking and screaming can stop me from succeeding not while my disappearance is still a mystery I checked the highs and lows, my peak may be a mountain and my depression the depth of an ocean but when I’m at a loss the oasis in the desert is my retreat Only…

I'm Back!!!

What it is, what it be like? It's been almost 5 years since my last post and I guess now is a good time to get back into this. A lot has been on my mind but I haven't really taken the time to put it all down in this thing that's designed to open the curtains to my mind's window. However, I'll try to be better about that for now on. This isn't the post that I'm going to start letting in the light; I mainly want to reintroduce myself to those that used to read my blog and introduce myself to newcomers.

     I go by B, BJ, B Camp, Brent or Brent Jr - whatever floats your boat. I'm a writer, sometimes a poet, sometimes a rapper, but always a lover more than a fighter. With today being Veteran's Day, it seems fitting that this Air Force vet emerges from the pits of despair that is life and try to navigate through the hypocrisy, nonsense, and the other things that plagues our reality.

    With all of that said, I welcome you to the Mind of B and I ho…

The Love of a Woman

1/3/13 - Good Day!

After my last "depressing" post, I didn't want to completely start the new year in that manner. No, I want to talk about something that I've been thinking about for about as long as I was thinking about the last post....that would be WOMEN!!! Now before I start, I'm going to say that I will keep this as positive as possible.

I am not afraid to admit that women are more superior than men when it comes to overall life. Throughout history, men were the workers while women were the home stayers. That's not something that can be taken lightly, especially if children were involved. Women would take care of the household and then expect to cater to their man when he got home. That means a woman's day if easily 16 hours long, most of it spent on her feet and that's under the assumption she sleeps for 8 hours. Add children into the mix and it's quite the day. Over time, women started to work as well as taking care of the home. There'…

Human Nature

Happy New Year!!! Welcome to 2013... To all that believed the world was going to end on 12/21/12, I think you suffered enough so I'm not going to say anything about you. For future reference though, try to avoid being so gullible and having such a negative outlook on life.

However, the world has become quite an ugly place. Humanity has become taken an ugly form but that's only from what is being highlighted. VA Tech, Sandy Hook, Colorado, Austin.... The list can go on from one tragedy to another. Whether there's strict gun control or not, tragedy is unavoidable because the human element is always involved. You don't have to be the smartest person in the world and know every single detail about history to realize that there are just bad people in the world. Excuses are unnecessary, it's just a fact that can't be apologized for. Guns haven't always existed. Since the beginning of mankind, we found ways to kill things. The original intent may have always been f…



I have good relationships with all my siblings, but there are times when things just don’t work out. I’m quite protective of my only full blood sister. In fact, some would say overprotective. In the end, she knows I love her and I know she loves me. We’ve had our fair share of trouble. At the same time, my other siblings have had a run in with me once or twice as well.
Summer vacation before I started my last year of high school. The time when everything that could have went wrong….did. It was the first time I had a confrontation with every single sibling of mine. The first one occurring right after school let out.

Like always, we were hanging out on C-Lo’s porch. Will, C-Lo, Dre, Frost, Jodie, and I sat there, rolling a blunt and drinking beer.
“One more year to go, fellas.” Frost stated. We all nodded.
“I’m done thinking bout it til September, yo.” I declared. “It’s all about ass and titties fa me.”
“You sayin that like it ain’t been bout ass and titti…

INFIDELITY (Short Story)


It’s a burning sensation in my heart. That’s the best way to describe it. I don’t want to do it, but the sensation doesn’t go away unless I do. I feel the guilt. I feel the shame. Every day I wish I could take it all back. Every day I wish I could tell her the truth. My fear keeps me from doing that. I can’t tell her, for I know she will leave me. I know it’ll destroy her.
Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried getting help. I’ve tried therapy; private and group. I’ve tried self gratification, sometimes twice a day. I’ve tried being with my wife day in and day out. I just can’t shake it. It turns and turns inside like bad gas. Bubbly, annoying, sometimes painful. All I can do is try to get it all out my system. It’s been three years. How much more is left? How many more women must I go through to have my fill?

“Would you like some more sausage, baby?” My beautiful wife said to me, snapping me out of a daze.
“Yes, please.” She placed more sausage on my plate. I watched her as she d…

My Specialty

My Specialty I see her standing there, trying to decide if I'm worth the effort I'm standing here, trying to decide how to approach her Should I go through my resume in hopes that she'll hire me? Maybe talk to her friends, cuz I know they scoutin me... If I pass that test, I know she'll draft me.. So many thoughts, not much time Other guys are steppin up, yet I'm just standing by We lock eyes, my heart skips We both smile, I'm loving your lips What should I do to assure her interest in me? Maybe I'll tell her about my favorite activities... That's lame, more like why women are my specialty. It would be only natural that she questions me Yet I'm willing to show why she should invest in me My deep eyes and full lips would lock her in; My soft hands and enticing smile would generate that first kiss Let her feel safe with me, physically and emotionally She can be herself cuz her heart won't break with me She don't have to talk for me to hear he…