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06 September 2010

The Gentleman

The Gentleman....something that men aren't referred to very often and don't care for. The fact of the matter is, being a gentleman goes beyond holding a door open for someone or pulling a chair out for your significant other to sit down. What I've noticed is that more and more women are complaining about men being dogs or only about one thing and blah blah blah...Women tend to act like men are the problem and always have been. Me being a man, some may say that my opinion is biased, but I'll kill that thought right now by saying this is an unbiased blog. For starters, men are assholes, cheating bastards, and tend to only be about one thing. That's until the perfect woman comes across. You say men don't do things like poems, songs, give flowers or candy or anything nice.....that's just the men you're into. It's being done consistently by millions of men around the world. I courted my wife with those things and it's always been my M.O. How can you generalize men based on the boys you've been with? When you put yourself out there in a certain way, how can you be surprised about being treated that way? When your interested in thugs, how can you be surprised that you're not being courted with poems and sweet things like that? You complain about everything a man does but men evolve to the way women are. Men adjust their skills to stay in the game. Maybe women should try to take things back to the old days when courting with love letters and poems was the thing to do. All I'm saying is stop generalizing all men like we're the same.

06 July 2010

So Many Things

I can talk about a lot of shit right now, but I kinda don't feel like it. It's been over 3 months since I really spoke my mind and that's bound to change. So many things have plagued my mind for the past couple months......topics from women/men, movies, politics....just a whole bunch of shit.

Right now, I'm looking for feedback. I love giving my opinion from wide ranges of things....give me a topic and I'll be sure to emphatically discuss it.

26 March 2010

What Now

It happened. It finally fuckin happened. So my appeal decision came on Wednesday, 24 March. At the moment, it became clear how fucked up the system is. The Appeal Board felt the same way as the Admin Judge back in October. What does that mean, you ask? To put it frankly, they felt I wasn't doing enough to handle my debt and clean up my credit. So there solution was to keep me from getting a security clearance that is a requirement to keep my job. Now I'm unemployed and completely unable to handle my debt. Someone explain to me why if someone is financial trouble it's a good idea to decrease or remove that person's income? I can only somewhat see their point of view. They feel that I'm more susceptible to foreign influence because I have a lot of debt. What I say to that is simple....if a foreign government or terrorist organization offered a person a 7 figure amount, I'd be no more susceptible then someone with perfect credit. Especially considering I've been working on fixing it. Secondly, the US government is fuckin themselves with every press release informing the public about our capabilities. Ever since I saw that CNN special on the MQ-9, it just baffled me the stupidity to broadcast our capabilities and location to the world.

A famous quote that's constantly stated is "ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country". I enlisted in the Air Force to get fucked over by my "superiors". I then continue to support the war effort by becoming an Air Force contractor. I deployed to Iraq in 08, Afghanistan in 09, and should have been in Afghanistan right now as we speak. All of this shit I've done for my country...that I volunteered for...yet my country that follows a broken system decides to take away my clearance because they feel I'm susceptible to foreign influence. My country decides to prematurely end my job. My country decides to put myself and my family on the streets because I'm supposedly susceptible to foreign influence. Yea, that makes so much fuckin sense. Makes no fuckin sense.

I guess it's not all doom and gloom. I can reapply 29 October so as long as my shit gets taken care of by then....I'll be good. Yet I dont have a fuckin income to file for bankruptcy so how the fuck am I going to take care of it? There goes that fuckin logic again.

03 February 2010


It's the second week of the second month in the first year of the second decade of the 1st century in the 3rd millenium. Yes, I did say all of that. It's my first blog of the year and I'm at a loss. Not real sure what I should talk about today. Thursday is the deadline for the Appeal Board to decide if I'm goin to have a job. How does that work? Well, I'll either be getting my clearance back or not. So I'm definitely more irritable then usual. But that's not why I'm blogging today.

For those that really know me, I tend to question things til I get a real answer. If its somethin I actually care about, I will be determined to get an answer. That determination is both a good thing and bad thing. For instance, this whole ordeal wit my clearance is driving me insane cuz I have no idea what's goin to happen. I bugged the paralegal to get answers that she didn't have. That's not a bad thing. I kno someone that used to ask crazy questions to a woman he was interested in cuz he had no idea what they were or what they were aiming to be. That's when it can be bad.

So how does one change his/her personality to keep such things in check? An answer I wish I had. For years I tried to mold my personality into something unique, but I'm pretty much stuck in my ways...which I don't mind for the most part. But then there's times when I do things that even annoy me yet I just have to know. Why does it have to be that way? Why is it so hard to control something so primative?

I decided late last year that 2010 was goin to be a year I release crutches from my life. A year I change who I associate wit and I did a damn good job at first. Yet, here I stand repeating mistakes. I fall for a lot of shit and can't say no as often as I'd like. It's a fucked up situation but all I need is the balls to be an asshole. Then again, that's a personality change I wouldn't be happy wit. It's not me. It's not how I want to be thought of. So I'm stuck wit being a doormat.