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06 September 2010

The Gentleman

The Gentleman....something that men aren't referred to very often and don't care for. The fact of the matter is, being a gentleman goes beyond holding a door open for someone or pulling a chair out for your significant other to sit down. What I've noticed is that more and more women are complaining about men being dogs or only about one thing and blah blah blah...Women tend to act like men are the problem and always have been. Me being a man, some may say that my opinion is biased, but I'll kill that thought right now by saying this is an unbiased blog. For starters, men are assholes, cheating bastards, and tend to only be about one thing. That's until the perfect woman comes across. You say men don't do things like poems, songs, give flowers or candy or anything nice.....that's just the men you're into. It's being done consistently by millions of men around the world. I courted my wife with those things and it's always been my M.O. How can you generalize men based on the boys you've been with? When you put yourself out there in a certain way, how can you be surprised about being treated that way? When your interested in thugs, how can you be surprised that you're not being courted with poems and sweet things like that? You complain about everything a man does but men evolve to the way women are. Men adjust their skills to stay in the game. Maybe women should try to take things back to the old days when courting with love letters and poems was the thing to do. All I'm saying is stop generalizing all men like we're the same.