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04 February 2011

Owner of My Soul Part IV Teaser

If you don't kno yet, I'm writing a series based on a character created back in my childhood. With this character, I've narrated several stories that were combined for a series. Since that series has been published, I'm now beginning to finish my next section in my story. What goes on in that is obviously a direct correlation to the ending of the 3rd part. So, here it is:

My cell phone started beeping, alerting me of a text message. I grabbed my phone, still a little delirious and vision a little distorted. I tried deciphering what was being said to me. I sat up to look for Sydney. A few seconds later, she walked through the door with breakfast.
“Good morning, baby.” She said with a big smile.
“Good morning, love.” I said back. “I got a text saying the kids were coming back from camp Friday.”
“Yes they are.”
“What camp are they at?”
“SJ Computers for Advanced Youths.”
“Nice. When will the twins be back?”
“My mother will be bringing them tomorrow.”
“Wait…..your mother?” I repeated.
“Oh my god, I’m sorry. My mother has been here almost the entire time you were in your coma. She wanted to help me out with the kids.”
“Where is she staying?”
“At the house, of course. I know it’s been like 15 years since you’ve seen her.”
“Somewhere around there.” I grabbed my cart and adjusted my IV feed.
“In a little pain?” She asked, noticing what I was doing.
“A little.” I got up and walked to the table.
“You didn’t have to come over here, I was going to bring you your food.” She stated.
“I need the exercise.”
“I got you some French toast, steak, hash browns, beef bacon and beef sausage. You want strawberry lemonade or orange juice to drink?”
“Orange juice.”
“Awesome.” She handed me a plate and my drink.
“This doesn’t look like cafĂ© food.” I commented.
“It’s IHOP. Only the best for my baby.” She leaned over the table and kissed me.
“Thank you, love.” As I started to eat, my phone started ringing. I looked at it, ignored it, and started eating.
“Who was it, Kabe?” She asked. If you haven’t noticed, “Kabe” is a name she gave me to combine my name and baby. From now on, try to keep up.
“Why didn’t you answer?”
“I’m not in the mood for his bullshit right now. I’ll call him back when I’m done eating.”
“You can’t keep avoiding him though.” She stated.
“I won’t. I promise I’ll call him later.”
“Now, Mr. Johnson, I know you better than that.”
I grinned, “I know, but this time I’m serious.”
“Ok.” We continued eating. I grabbed my phone and started texting Will.
“So tonight is the game, are you going to go?” She asked.
“Probably not. I really don’t want to draw attention until my press conference.” I said.
“What press conference? When did you schedule that?”
“Just now. I can’t tell you what it is about, but it will be quite an event.” I stated.
“When is your father announcing the trade?” She wondered.
“They aren’t. Will and I are going to.”
“Is that what the press conference is about?”
“Stop fishing baby, I’m not catching your hook.” I said with a smile.
“Ok, ok.” She said with a smile as well.
I started going through my many emails on my phone to see what was going on at work. Some I replied to, some I laughed at, but most I ignored. I then went to my personal email and mostly deleted those.
“I swear, every time you get in business mode………”

“You get this irresistible look that makes me soooooo wet.”
I look up, unaware that I’m now staring into the eyes of Alicia. I look around and notice I’m in her room. Is this a memory I’m reliving, or something else? What’s the deal…..seriously?
“Are you ok, baby?” She asked me.
“I don’t know.”
“Confused, huh?”
“What do you mean?”
“You’re wondering why you keep seeing me.”
Now I’m really puzzled. Yes, I was thinking that for damn sure, but how does she know that?
“Kenny, these aren’t memories.” She clarified.
“What the hell are they?” I asked.
“I don’t know. There’s really no way to simplify it.”
“No disrespect, but you’ve been dead for a long time. Why am I starting to just recently see you?”
“Think about it, Kenny. When’s the last time you went through what you just went through? Not in perfect replication but having something catastrophic happen to someone you love with all your heart. Something that never happened with Monique, how ironic huh?”
“Extremely ironic, but I don’t get what’s really going on.” I proclaimed.
“Baby, your sub-conscious is going bonkers, for lack of a better term. You lost me prematurely and can’t get over it, no matter how much you try. You even compare Sydney to me every single day.”
“No I don’t.” I said, completely being dishonest with myself.
“Whatever helps you sleep at night.” She stood up and sat on my lap.
“If you’re not really here, why does this feel so real?”
“Is it hard to really believe that your subconscious knows me so well to the point it can fool you into thinking that I’m really here? There are several things you’ll never be able to forget. For example….” She started brushing up and down my arm, “you’ll never be able to forget my touch.” She approached my ear to whisper, “you’ll never forget the smell of my hair, one of the many things that turned you on.” She started to kiss my neck, over to my lips. Her lips were so soft. Fuck, why does she have to do this to me? “More than anything, I know you remember my kiss.” She whispered in my ear. “Just like I remember your di—“
“Ok, I get your point.” I interrupted her, moving back a little so I can see directly into her eyes. “Obviously my mind has the capabilities to project you as I remember you. My question is why am I doing it?”
“Only you have the answer to that, Kenny. I was your first true love, maybe your only true love. Sydney is there with you, yet you can’t stop wondering if you want to marry her. You can’t help but hope that I’m alive somewhere and will come home to you someday. No matter how easily you tell yourself that you watched me die and there’s no way I’m ever coming back, you still hope. I will always love you and wish things were different. But, baby, you have to let me go!”
“I CAN’T! I want to more than anything, but I just can’t! You were ripped away from me so fast, just when we were finally going to be together. There’s so many things that I regret from that moment. So many things I regret in my dealings with you.”
The tears streamed down my face as everything that I thought I suppressed, came back up. The hurt that her accident caused, the ignorance and immaturity that I expressed in my decision to not get tied down….all of it.
“I’m sorry, Kenny.” She said softly.
“Alicia,” I put my hand on her cheek and wiped the tear from her eye with my thumb. She held my hand and kissed my palm.”Maybe you’re right, maybe I’m not sure what I want. Maybe I really do keep comparing her to you and that’s why I can’t move on. I can’t help it. You were absolutely perfect.”
“So is Sydney. You’ve loved her before you even met me.”
“I loved her before I knew what love was, but you opened my eyes to what it truly is. Yes, she’s perfect, but she’s not you.”
“It’s time you stop looking for my replacement. You’ll never be happy if you keep trying to find someone better than me. You’ve set your expectations and standards so high…I mean I think the pedestal you’ve placed me on is unreachable even for me.”
“You are that perfect to me. Your beauty, your personality, your drive….everything about you, Alicia, I absolutely loved.”
“What are you saying, Kenny?”
“Let’s face it. This has really opened my eyes. I know what I must do.”