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It's the second week of the second month in the first year of the second decade of the 1st century in the 3rd millenium. Yes, I did say all of that. It's my first blog of the year and I'm at a loss. Not real sure what I should talk about today. Thursday is the deadline for the Appeal Board to decide if I'm goin to have a job. How does that work? Well, I'll either be getting my clearance back or not. So I'm definitely more irritable then usual. But that's not why I'm blogging today.

For those that really know me, I tend to question things til I get a real answer. If its somethin I actually care about, I will be determined to get an answer. That determination is both a good thing and bad thing. For instance, this whole ordeal wit my clearance is driving me insane cuz I have no idea what's goin to happen. I bugged the paralegal to get answers that she didn't have. That's not a bad thing. I kno someone that used to ask crazy questions to a woman …