I have good relationships with all my siblings, but there are times when things just don’t work out. I’m quite protective of my only full blood sister. In fact, some would say overprotective. In the end, she knows I love her and I know she loves me. We’ve had our fair share of trouble. At the same time, my other siblings have had a run in with me once or twice as well.
Summer vacation before I started my last year of high school. The time when everything that could have went wrong….did. It was the first time I had a confrontation with every single sibling of mine. The first one occurring right after school let out.

Like always, we were hanging out on C-Lo’s porch. Will, C-Lo, Dre, Frost, Jodie, and I sat there, rolling a blunt and drinking beer.
“One more year to go, fellas.” Frost stated. We all nodded.
“I’m done thinking bout it til September, yo.” I declared. “It’s all about ass and titties fa me.”
“You sayin that like it ain’t been bout ass and titties during the school year.” Will joked.
“As much as a point you’ve just made, sir, I’m merely stating that my entire focus is on it now.”
“Yea, you been in school too long, nigga.” Dre said as he was inhaling.
“Yet, you haven’t been in long enough.” I commented. “In fact, don’t you have summer school?”
“Oh yea, you failed English.” C-Lo stated.
“Shit.” Dre shouted. “I’m so tired of that damn class.”
“Then pass it.” Will joked. We all laughed.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa.” I said as I saw the new girl walking. “How long she been in the neighborhood?”
“Fa about a week or so.” C-Lo replied. “She stay wit her brothers.”
“Single?” I asked.
“Does it matter?” Will asked me.
“Not really.” As I stood up, I noticed a car pull up to her. She got in the car and they drove off together. “Guess that answers my question.” I sat back down. I took the blunt from Frost.

When I got home that night, I looked around and saw that same car that picked up the girl in C-Lo’s neighborhood. I then realized whose car it was. I started shaking my head and smiling. I walked in the house and saw them sitting on the couch.
“Don’t mind me, just passing through.” I said as I closed and locked the door.
“Well hurry the hell up.” David demanded.
“If you want to be alone so bad, you can go to your room.” I told him. I started going through my mail. “Oh wait; you don’t want her to see how badly you live. Gotcha…don’t worry, your secret is safe wit me.” The girl chuckled, drawing a look from David.
“Just take your mail and go.” He demanded again.
“I’m sorry, he has no manners. I’m his brother, Kenny.” I said to her, offering my hand.
“Talia.” She replied, smiling as she shook my hand.
“Lovely name for a lovely lady.” I said, looking into her eyes. She couldn’t stop smiling.
“Thank you.” I looked at David and knew he was pissed. I smiled and looked back at Talia.
“I have some things to tend to. It was very nice meeting you.”
“It was nice meeting you too.”
I turned around and started walking up to my room. I could feel her eyes on me as I walked away. I smiled the entire time, knowing what I could do if I wanted to.  As I passed by Rachelle, she looked at me, curious about my smile. Rachelle is my sister, just so you know.
“What are you smiling about?” She asked me.
“I have to have a reason to smile?” I replied. We stopped walking and looked at each other. I looked around and leaned in closer to her. “You know, David’s girlfriend downstairs?”
“Yea, what about her?”
“How long have they been together?”
“Few months. To my understanding they haven’t had sex.”
“Yea, she talks to me every once in a while. She’s not ready to have sex with him.”
“Wow, didn’t think it’d take David so long to close the deal.” I stated.
“Why you ask about her?”
“Let’s just say I could have her if I want.”
“David really likes that girl. Don’t mess wit her.” She informed me.
“I’m not going to. I have no desire in messing wit a family member’s girl.”
“I’m going to my room. Enjoy your evening.”
I kissed her cheek and continued to head to my room. When I got there, I lied down in my bed and stared at the ceiling. Boredom slowly set in. I got up and decided to go swimming.
When I got to the roof, I saw Talia and David in the hot tub. I started shaking my head as it seemed they were going to be everywhere I wanted to be. I refused to let it bother me. Talia noticed me way before David as she watched me take my shirt off. I knew she was eye fuckin the shit out of me. Think I need a cigarette. Then David noticed me.
“What the fuck, K?” He yelled.
“What the fuck, D?” I yelled back, messing wit him.
“Are you trying to piss me off?” He asked.
“Why would I want to piss you off?”
“I don’t know, but that’s what you’re doing?”
“Dude, I’m here for one purpose. That is to sit in this water and enjoy a beautiful night. Would it make you feel better if I called me a bitch?”
“Yes it would. I know you. All you’re doing is tryin to get wit my girl.”
“What!?” I said in a high pitch voice. “Chill out wit that.” I grabbed my cell phone and called Will. “Aye, you wanna come over and swim?”
“Sounds good. I’m on the other line wit the twins.” He replied.
“Bet, bring them too.”
“Its on.” I hung up my phone.
“Happy now?” I asked David.
“Fuck you.” He yelled to me.
“Yea, I love you too.”
I sat on the edge of the pool and dangled my feet in the water. I looked up at the moon and stars. I could hear Talia laughing. I don’t know if I was envious or jealous, or neither, but I couldn’t wait for the twins to get here.
A few minutes later, I could hear laughing outside. I looked over the balcony and smiled. Will and the twins were getting out of the car. I put on my flip flops and went down to greet them.
“Bout time, man.” I said to Will as I opened the door.
“My bad, Alessa couldn’t find her top.” Will said smiling.
“Alessa, Alisa, how y’all doin?” I greeted them, kissing their cheeks.
“We’re good.” Alisa replied. “Thank you for inviting us.”
“Thank you for coming.” I said. “Come on in.” They walked in and started to follow me up to the roof. “Is your father still out of town?”
“Gets back in a couple days.”
“I was telling them about the other night.” Will told me. “They were saying they might be down the next time we do it.”
“Are you sure about that?” I asked Alisa.
“It’ll be weird at first, but maybe fun.” She replied.
“As long as it’s not each other.” Alessa added.
“Of course not.” Will said. “That’d be a little nasty.”
“Don’t worry, the girl we’ll have will be clean and sexy.” I assured Alisa. I took her hand and pulled her to me. “All you have to do is tell me when.” I kissed her.
“I’m ready whenever you are.” She told me. I smiled and took her hand again.
“That’s all I need to know.” I said.
When we got to the roof, David and Talia were still in the hot tub. I looked over at them and they looked at us.
“I’m not rude like my brother over there.” I said. “Talia, David, these are the twins, Alessa and Alisa.” I pointed to each one as I introduced them. I looked at the twins. “That’s my brother, David and his girlfriend Talia.”
“Hi, nice to meet you.” They both said waving.
“Nice to meet you too.” Talia replied. David said nothing.
The twins started to take off their clothes. They had their bikini underneath. I took off my flip flops. Will took off his shirt and flip flops. We looked at each other, thinking the same things. As Alessa and Alisa walked around the pool, wondering about the temperature, we grabbed our girl and picked them up. They laughed and screamed, knowing we were going to throw them in the pool. We teased them, faking it a few times and then we finally did it. Will and I did a high five and then jumped in. Alisa came at me and dunked my head under water, trying to drown me. I lifted her in the air again. I then threw her across the pool. I looked around, waiting to see where she’d come up at. I then felt my shorts being pulled on. I went under water and tried to stop her. We both came up laughing.
“I can’t remember the last time I went swimming.” She said, getting her hair out of her face.
“It’s been a good minute for me too. I usually don’t have the time.” We looked at each other, trying to think what the other is going to do.
“What are we?” She asked me out of nowhere.
“What do you mean?”
“Are we just messing around or are we official?”
“You’re moving next month.” I reminded her.
“Can’t we be official until then? Just to say that I was once your girl?” She slowly approached me.
“You want to brag about me to your new friends in Houston.” I stated.
“It has nothing to do with that. It’s merely for my own ego. I don’t want to feel like another notch on your belt. I want to feel special.”
“You are special. I’ll always be there for you, I’ll always help you when needed. You and I are linked forever.”
“Really?” She asked, smiling. She was inches away from me now. I wrapped my arms around her.
“I don’t say it unless I mean it. We have history that dates back to middle school. You’ve always been the cheerleader everyone wanted and only I was lucky enough to have. I’ll always do whatever it takes to ensure you’re good. Even if I have to come down to Houston myself.”
She put her hands on my chest. I leaned in and kissed her. We completely forgot David and Talia were still in the hot tub. Alisa wrapped her legs around me. I held her up and lifted her bra. Right when I was about to penetrate her, my cell phone rang. I stopped kissing her to look in the direction of my phone. She proceeded to kiss and lick my neck.
“Don’t get it.” She whispered in my ear.
“Trust me I don’t want to.” I said, backpedalling to the end of the pool.
“Then why are you trying to.” She said, still kissing and licking my neck.
“It might be important.” I said. I reached the end of the pool and grabbed my phone. “Yea?” I answered.
“Oh thank god, Kenny, it’s Rachelle!” She sounded frantic.
“Yea, what’s up?”
“Me and Michelle are in a lot of trouble. We need your help!” She cried.
“Whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you?” I asked.
“I don’t know. We don’t recognize the neighborhood.”
“Ok. Calm down. I’ll get to you. Where are you?”
“In the bedroom with the doors locked. You’ll have to come through the window.”
“Ok. We’ll be right there.” I told her. I hung up the phone. Alisa looked at me. “I’m sorry. My sister is in trouble.”
“What do you want me to do?” She asked. “I was expecting to stay the night with you.”
“I don’t know how long this will take, but I’ll be back. Just wait in my room. I promise I’ll come back to you and we’ll finish where we left off.”
“Promise.” I kissed her.
“Thanks, babe.” I kissed her again. I looked at Will. He was on the other side of the pool. “Will, we gotta go.” I yelled to him.
We got out the pool and dried off. We threw a shirt on and some flip flops, not expecting to need anything more. We got down stairs and into my car. We both grabbed a gun from under our seats and made sure it was loaded.
“So are you going to tell me what’s going on?” He asked.
“Rachelle called and said that she and Michelle were in trouble. Didn’t say anything else.” I explained. We started smoking a black and mild.
“Okay. Let’s handle this and get back to the twins.” Will stated.
We arrived at the house. It was a two story home, probably owned by a family with a household income of $74,000 a year. We looked around to see anything suspicious. We got out the car and hid our guns. We walked around to see what window Rachelle was referring to. Will found it and motioned to me. We stood next to the window and tapped on it. Rachelle looked and opened it when she saw us. We went through it and closed it. Rachelle hugged me immediately, sobbing into my shoulder.
“Ok, ok, I’m here. What’s going on?” I asked her. I looked behind her and noticed a body on the floor. “Shit.” I whispered.
“I had no idea what to do.” She cried.
“What happened?” I asked.
“Me and my boyfriend were here. All of a sudden, this guy busted in and started beating up my boyfriend. I grabbed the gun you gave me from my purse and told him to stop or I’ll shoot. He approached me and I shot him.”
“What are you here for?” Will asked Michelle. She looked to the side. We both looked in the same direction and saw the other dead body.
“When he heard the gun shot, he came in here and I shot him.” Michelle replied.
“Why didn’t you call the cops?” I asked Rachelle. “It was self defense.” Michelle handed Will something. He then handed it to me. My heart was in my throat.
“Where’s your boyfriend?” Will asked Rachelle.
She pointed to the bathroom. We went into the bathroom and saw two dead bodies. Both of their boyfriends were dead. We came back into the room and looked at both of them. We had no idea what was going on.
“From the top, what happened?” I asked Rachelle. “Why are there dead cops and dead boyfriends in this house?”
“Our boyfriends were drug dealers. We had no idea. After we killed these guys, we demanded answers. Brian was having an affair with his wife. That’s why he came in and started beating him up.” She explained. Brian is her boyfriend.
“So you killed Brian because he was cheating on you?” I asked.
“That and he hit me.” She added. I looked at her face closely and saw her lip was swollen. “I didn’t know what else to do. I killed a cop and my boyfriend. You were the only person I knew that could help me.”
“What’s your excuse?” Will asked Michelle.
“Mike just had it coming. I saw an opportunity. He treated me like crap for our entire relationship. He abused me day in and day out. I felt trapped. Every time I tried moving on, he pulled me back in. He told me if I ever told you, he’d kill you and me. I didn’t want to take that chance, so I killed him myself.”
Will and I looked at each other. We looked around at the four men. Blood was everywhere. We had to figure out what to do.
“Whose house is this?” I asked.
“It’s theirs, but they have roommates downstairs.” Michelle replied.
Will went into the bathroom and looked under the sink. He grabbed a bucket, some cleaning products, and garbage bags. I looked at Michelle.
“Do you have a big knife anywhere?” I asked her. She nodded and got one out of the drawer. I didn’t have time to ask what it was doing there. “You two, start cleaning up.” I handed them pine sol and towels.”
“Lucky for us they don’t have carpet.” Will said to me.
“You’re telling me.”
We dragged the four men into the bathroom.  We proceeded to chop them into pieces. We put em in the big black garbage bags and taped it tightly. Will started dropping them out of the window. I cleaned the tub and rest of the bathroom to get all of the blood out. We did one last look over to see if anything was noticeable. I looked at Rachelle.
“Make sure you have everything of yours.” I told her. She nodded, as did Michelle.
Will and I lifted the bags into the trunk of the car. We drove up to Lake Erie Ridge. Taking chains that we used for our tires, we wrapped it around the bags and threw them in the lake. We watched to make sure they sank to the bottom. When we got back in the car, we turned around and looked at the girls.
“This goes without saying, but we’re going to say it anyway.” Will began. “Brian and Mike were arrested and are serving life sentences. It doesn’t matter who asks you. They are serving life sentences in a federal pen.”
“You didn’t see any cops or received any news about anything pertaining to Brian and Mike. Other then they were arrested. Do y’all understand?” They nodded. “Even if we bring up the subject, you will tell us they were arrested no matter what.”
They nodded again. We turned around and started driving back home. I dropped Will and Michelle off at their home and then arrived at ours. Before getting out the car, Rachelle grabbed my arm.
“Thank you, Kenny. I owe you my life.” She said.
“You owe me nothing. You’re my sister and I love you. I will always be there for you no matter what.” I hugged her and kissed her cheek. “Go upstairs, take a shower, and get a good sleep. Tomorrow is a new day.” She sniffed and nodded. As she was about to get out the car, I grabbed her arm. “Hey, try not to feel bad. You did what you had to do. Had I been in the same situation, I wouldn’t have done anything different.”
“I don’t think you’d ever be in that type of situation.” She said.
“You have no idea. I could easily be in a worse situation. You know I can’t stay out of trouble.” She chuckled. “You did the right thing in calling me. Don’t ever forget that.”
“Thank you, Kenny.” She kissed my cheek. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”
She smiled at me and got out the car. I watched her walk in the house. I wiped my face with my hands and got out the car. I walked up to my room and was approached by Talia.
“I didn’t think you’d still be here.” I said to her.
“I was spending the night with David. He’s knocked out right now. I had no idea he snores.”
“Yea, he can keep the west coast from sleeping.” I joked. She laughed. “So you couldn’t sleep.”
“No, I couldn’t. I just started walking around. Are you just getting back?”
“Yea. Just now actually.”
“Is everything alright?”
“As can be.” I looked at my room door and then at her. “Tell me, how did you and my brother hook up?”
“I don’t know, he approached me in the book store.”
“David in a book store. Now that is crazy all in itself.”
“Maybe, but he’s a very nice guy. I got to know him well and can say that I’m happy with the way things are going.”
“Yet you’re not giving him any.” I stated. She looked at me in shock. “What, it’s true.”
“So what if it is?” She asked.
“Nothing wrong with that, I guess.”
“I don’t know. He doesn’t really excite me like that. Maybe one day I’ll give myself to him.”
“Obviously enough, you should wait until you’re ready.” I told her. I turned around and started to open my door. I felt her hand creep up my back.
“Maybe I would rather give myself to someone else.” She said softly. I took deep breaths to fight the urge.
“I can’t. You’re my brother’s girlfriend. It’s against my nature.” I told her. “Trust me, it’s taking a lot of control to not give in. You’re sexy as hell too. So, I’mma go in here cuz I have Alisa waiting on me.”
“Then let me join the both of you.” She suggested. Her hand went into my shorts and started fondling my balls. I gave. I turned around and started kissing her.
“Iight, hold on.” I held her hand and opened my door. She looked around and followed me inside. I closed and locked my door. “Alisa?” I called.
“I’m in your bed.” She yelled back. We walked to the bedroom. Alisa had candles lit, soft music playing and champagne poured. “I knew you’d be here around this time so I took the time to prepare.”
“Pour another glass, baby. We have a little company.” Talia came into the room. They locked eyes and smiled. Alisa poured another glass of champagne for her. We all drank and began having a wonderful night together.

The next day, I woke up to a knock on my door. I opened my eyes and looked to my left and then to my right. I started smiling and kissed both of them on the forehead. I heard knocking again. I got up, put some boxers on and went to the door. When I opened the door, I met David’s fist. I stumbled back, completely caught off guard.
“What the fuck?” I yelled.
“You slept with Talia!” He shouted.
“No I didn’t.” I replied.
“Then where is she?”
“I don’t know, probably at home.”
“Her clothes and purse is still in my room. I know you did it you back stabbing son of a bitch.”
“I did not have sex with your girlfriend.” I told him.
“Kenny, what’s goin on?” Talia asked, coming out with one of my robes on. I started shaking my head. Talia looked at David in embarrassment.
“You son of a bitch!” David yelled at me.
“Stop. Now before you go there, I stand firm in my position that I did not have sex with her.” I said.
“Then why is she here with one of your robes?” He asked.
“I said I didn’t have sex with her. I did watch her and Alisa go at it. Right Talia?”
“Yes. All he did was watch.” Talia confirmed.
“You’re a lesbian?” David asked her.
“Bisexual.” She admitted.
“Kenny, are you here?” Alisa yelled.
“I’m right here, sweetie. Go back to sleep.” I yelled to her.
“So you only had sex with Alisa?” David asked.
“Yes.” She replied.
I looked around to make sure there was nothing that could give me away. I then heard moaning in the back. I then heard my name being called. David could recognize Talia’s voice. I had no idea where the hell it was coming from. My eyes widened. David went into the bedroom. Alisa was lying on the bed. He looked at the TV and saw Talia eating out Alisa while I fucked her doggy style. I looked at Alisa and noticed she accidentally rolled on top of the remote, playing the tape we recorded. I started cussing on the inside, but I remained cool on the out. David looked at Talia and then at me. I noticed his fists balled up.
“You know what; I don’t have an explanation for that.” I told him. “Maybe a little too much to drink or smoked too much weed because until I saw that, I could have sworn up and down I didn’t do anything with Talia. Now it’s all coming back to me.” He swung at me. I dodged it and back pedaled into the living room. “David, stop. This is crazy. Fighting over a broad, come on.”
“You knew I was crazy about this girl. Why would you do this to me?” He continued swinging at me. I continued to duck and dodge.
“David, please, stop. I don’t want to do this.” I pleaded with him.
“Fuck you.” He yelled.
He caught me with a right hook, left hook, and another right hook. I fell to the floor. He kicked me twice in the stomach. He had every right to be mad at me. I had no right to wanna fight him back. Then he spit on me. Completely changed my mind. I got up and hit him with hooks, jabs, and uppercuts in the face and stomach. Talia yelled for me to stop. I hit him one last time with a right hook. David fell to the ground and didn’t get up.
“I told you to stop, but like always you take shit too far.” I told him. I looked at Talia. “Get him out of here.” Talia helped David up and left my room. I went into my bathroom and cleaned myself up.

This was the breaking point in my relationship with David. We never really spoke to each other since this incident. He tried stealing my girlfriends, but it never worked. In the end, I still feel bad about how it all went down. No regrets, though… That’d be unnatural for me……


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